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What We Do

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We specialize in mind body and complete wellness. This means your mind is important to your whole. We understand the basics. At Mountain Key Pharmacy your mental clarity starts with looking at your whole body and is not limited to your attitude, but we promise your attitude will be better if you feel better and we consider ALL such elements. We want to hear you and explain how a prescription can affect your nutrition and other thought processes influenced not only by mind chemistry, but sleep cycles and other relating factors to your diet and mental processing. Not all of us see, hear or feel things the same way and we are dedicated to listen to what you need and want for your peace of mind.


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Your body is the object that communicates how you are feeling. If you are not healthy, your body lets you know.  We recognize that not all health related matters are simply one thing, but can be complex. Modern drug therapy is to treat a symptom, but we want to treat you as a complete human being. This means we recognize that most things are multifarious and require attention beyond a simple diagnosis and treatment. However, if the drugs you are taking are at fault to depleting you or causing side effects that could be otherwise remedied with less irritation to your being, we want to offer that advise and/or make your prescription filling a more enjoyable process with you knowing you are getting better.


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You matter. You matter so much that you need and should want to be healthy. True health does not stop at treating the body or mind alone. In fact, the soul, while not scientifically addressed as objectively as the body or mind, is the foundation to who you are. We want you to feel okay in your skin and better yet free to be healthier for you are a valuable part of the communities you partake. We want you healthiest to serve your purpose. We hope to help you to better health, accordingly.


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Together, Mind/Body/Soul consistent growth is the only way to be free from addiction.  There are many forms of insidious drug dependence and here at MKP, we want you to learn how to stop the cycle of hopelessness and find freedom in your better health choice, Mountain Key Pharmacy is here to serve you and help you find true freedom in your daily lives.


None of the statements contained herein are intended to mitigate, cure or treat disease. Please speak to your physician about any recommendations.

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